Orthodontics (Dental Wire Application)

Orthodontics (Application of Dental Wire)

Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry that focuses on treating tooth crowding and occlusion problems. The typical treatment time for orthodontics is 24 months. Depending on the person’s age and the severity of the case, this time may vary. Moving appliances or fixed braces can be utilized in orthodontic therapy. The majority of the time, during the development phase, children are treated with moving appliances. In adults, fixed orthodontic treatment is used.

Porcelain Brackets

In fixed orthodontic treatment, metal brackets are the standard. Porcelain brackets, on the other hand, are an option for people who are more concerned with looks. Although porcelain brackets are more aesthetically pleasing, they can sometimes cause therapy to be delayed for several months.

Invisalign (Transparent Apparatus)

It’s a method of treating simple dental crowding with a transparent device that the patient may easily attach and remove. It causes no discomfort to the patient and has no negative effects on their appearance.