Brazilian Butt Lift

What Is It?

Brazilian Butt Lift (Butt Augmentation), also known as Brazilian Bum Lift surgery, is performed to make the buttocks appear rounder, curvier, and more attractive. It’s extremely common among women who want rounder, curvier buttocks.



General Anesthesia


  • Gluteal implant: The butt may be formed by placing protheses under the muscle, over the muscle, or within the muscle, depending on the patient’s condition. It lasts for the rest of your life. Silicone is used to make these prosthetics. Silicon prostheses (implants) are attached on both sides via the center of the legs.
  • Through fat transfer: Excess hip fat may be removed and transferred to other areas of the body. If there isn’t enough fat to transfer to the hips, fat from the belly and waist can be removed and added to the hips. Liposuction and injections may be used to remove fat.
  • With filling material: The butt is given an aesthetically pleasing shape by using filling material. Aquafiller may be used if the patient does not want protheses and the fat stock is insufficient for fat transfer. It is possible to inject aquafiller before the desired shape is achieved. This approach is only effective for 3-5 years, after which it must be repeated.
  • Butt lifting operation: In order to fix sagging hips, a tightening approach can be used, and then the above filling methods can be used to give the hips an esthetic appearance.
  • Butt minimizing and uplifting operation: It is performed on patients who have large inborn butts or who are overweight. Fat is often extracted and shape is provided by liposuction. If the butts are too slouchy, the butts are often formed by extracting skin and fat tissue.


  • 2 days after the gluteal implant is fixed, the patient will still experience sensitivity. The movements will improve after two weeks. Cardio exercises will help you get in better shape. You will resume your daily routine after two months. You should not sit on the prostheses for a week and instead wear a corset. The movements will improve in 1-2 days after fat transfer to the buttocks. After one week, you can begin conditioning exercises, and after two weeks, you can resume your normal activities. After using the Aquafiller filling process, the patient can move more freely after 1-2 days, and after 1 week, he or she can resume regular sports activities.