Breast Augmentation

What Is It?

Augmentation Mammoplasty, also known as Breast Augmentation, is a procedure that involves a variety of techniques to increase the size of a woman’s breasts. Breasts can be widened and the size and location of the breasts can be improved with this surgery.



General Anesthesia


  • Enlarging the breast with protheses: 
  • Silicone prostheses are circular or drop-shaped and are used to enlarge the breast. Silicon gel (solid), regular saline (salted water), or a mixture of the two are used as fillings in prostheses. Silicon prostheses may have a knobby outer surface or a smooth outer surface. Where are they fixed? The curvy bottom portion of the breast, arm pit, or belly-button are all accessible via the papilla. Under the breast tissue, muscle tissue, or the muscle membrane, prostheses may be attached. Since the silicone is fixed under the milk glands, women who undergo this type of operation may have a normal pregnancy and breastfeed their babies.
  • Enlarging the breast with fat-injection: The fat taken from the patient through liposuction is injected into the breast in this method.
  • Composite breast enlargement:  
  • Prosthetics and fat injections are used at the same time. If the patient’s breast tissue is insufficient to cover the prostheses, the breasts can be formed by injecting fat into the contours of the breast with a canulla after the prostheses have been fixed.
  • Breast enlargement by the injection of artificial filling


  • Patients do not raise their arms or hold heavy objects for 3 weeks. It is recommended that they lie on their backs for one month. They should wear a sports bra for one month after surgery. After one week, they will be able to begin working.